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Welcome! Have a look around. Enjoy!

I am off on an adventure in the Arctic and so website orders are on hold until mid-August. Check out facebook and instagram to follow the fun...



Where do the kites come from?

Kites used in Kite Kete products are donated prototypes or samples from Ozone NZ, or retired kites donated by kiters themselves. The aim is to use as much as possible from each kite, create artistic and useful items and in the process,  reduce landfill and our negative impact on the environment.

How are these groovy products made?
Used kites are spread out on Val's front lawn then disassembled with the goal of using as much as possible. Kite sections are washed and dried, then cut into the various pieces needed to make unique upcycled handcrafted bags and accessories. The pieces are sewn and finished into bespoke items, ready to be sent to you, for their next life as a Kite Kete one-of-a-kind product.
Oh No! The bag I want has sold! Can you custom?
Don't fret. If the item you want has sold, or you like a style but want a different colour, drop us an email and we can make something just for you.
Are Kite Kete bags good for Adventure Racing? Tramping? Backpacking? Traveling? Overseas gifts?

Kite Kete bags are super light (the pocket rocket weighs a mere 17g!) and thus are perfect for any activity where weight matters. If you need to keep stuff together without adding bulk or heaviness, then these bags are your new friend.  Equally, if you don't want to be weighed down by the weight of your bag on your shoulders, grab some Kite Kete products for you and your friends and enjoy the freedom of lightness. Contact us if you would like ultra-light items. We have our ways!

Payment and Shipping

If you are in NZ we'd love you to use direct deposit as this is an easy process that incurs the least amount of fees for you and us. Win win!​ Otherwise there are a range of other options on the website. For international orders we have paypal and a few other ideas depending on your home country. We will be in touch with some options once we receive your order.

Help! I have a retired kite!

We would love to help you find a new life for your retired kite. We are happy to pick up kites from the Ralgan area so let us know when you are in town. Not in Raglan? Let us know via email where you are located and we can try to sort something. We don't want kites to end up in landfill. We will send you a special deal should you send a kite our way. Thanks in advance.

Who designed the Kite Kete logo?

Simon Dickey from Dickeybird in Raglan NZ is the creative mind behind the Kite Kete logo and ensuing branding.

*When I approached him for help he graciously worked with me to design a label that I think is simple, striking and depicts movement like a kite. Anyone can design a logo, however Simon’s skill lies in being able to connect a brand with people and feelings. In my case, I had already decided on my company name but needed a logo that felt authentic. We started with his charcoal and fluid ink pictures that for me echoes the humbleness of taking up-cycled materials and handcrafting them into something new. It was an organic, collaborative process. (check out the photos on facebook and instagram!)

*Along the way Simon taught me about branding and marketing and had me think about the broader picture of my business and connecting to target market. I was completely unaware of this realm of business and his guidance was valuable to my getting started. The process was fun, collaborative and informative…and far less scary and overwhelming than I anticipated. *Simon's recent branding projects in 2020 were rebranding VMG Clothing from Events Clothing that Brad Butterworth, four times winner of the America's Cup, brought into and the digital transformation of APL Windows consumer brands of Altherm, First and Vantage. Look Simon up, if you're after something a bit bolder than the norm.

I have a small business too! Recommendations?

Hey ladies if you have a product or service enterprise and want to “Up Your Brave” get in touch with Natalie Cutler-Welsh. This fireball motivator, business coach, mentor, friend will help you get the best from your business and YOU! She has online support groups, one-on-one coaching programmes, blogs, workshops and heaps of other tools and resources to help you on your way. I am super grateful to have been part of her “Amplify your impact” program and continue to find and use lots of worthwhile tips and information through her network. Check her out on facebook, instagram or give her a ring.

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