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Kermit Raranga Free to Be

  • Raranga in Maori signifies weaving. Kete signifies basket or bag. Embracing the traditional art of weaving flax and incorporating modern upcycled technical fabric this bag unassumingly bridges artistry and functionality. No other in the world.

    Before I started playing with kite fabric I was fascinated with weaving flax. I love the ethic and traditions that surround raranga-flax weaving. A weaver will take care of their pa, their collection of flax bushes. They trim and tidy the leaves, cut what they need and weave a kete combining beauty and practicality. They return the off-cuts to the Earth, nothing is wasted

    I like the idea of taking a modern material, obsolete kites, and transforming them. I weave the kite fiber using techniques learned from flax with minimal waste creating something useful and artistic. In this way I hope to pay homage to this traditional craft and encourage others to take care of what’s around them.

    This one–of-a kind bag backpack measures height 41cm, width 35 cm

    Although this exact one is sold, tell me your favourite colour and one will be custom made for you!


  • Within NZ $7.50 tracked.

    Happy to combine postage.

    Contact us for international shipping

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